ABCORE Restoration Company, Inc.


Construction Consultant

  • In addition to being a contractor, we also provide construction consultation services.
  • We provide expert guidance on historic restoration and renovation projects. 
  • Our portfolio ranges from homes, commercial buildings, landmarks, and lighthouses. 
  • Our experience and expert trade knowledge has enabled us to deliver successful results for the past 40 years.
  • Our construction management process enables us to run projects efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • We provide services for the complete project duration, but also offer individual site visits and meetings for one specific part of your project.

Services we provide:

  • Site visit evaluation
  • Design analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimating & Cost analysis
  • Project specifications for architectural drawings
  • Project management services
  • Material selection
  • Methodology evaluation
  • Value engineering
  • Dispute avoidance & resolution
  • ​Mockups 


Every consultation we encounter is unique due to the owners specific needs for the project. Please contact us for a proposal for your construction project.